Campaign (n): An organized and coordinated effort to promote the sale of a specific product or service to a defined audience in accordance with a singular theme, using multiple methods of message movement.-- Austin Berry Sidders Company

A single, well planned and fully executed campaign can increase your sales exponentially.

The operative words in the statement above is well planned and fully executed. Every successful campaign includes the following elements:

  1. A single, measurable objective
  2. Specifically defined target audience
  3. A message that clearly communicates the fulfillment of a perceived need
  4. An engaging theme that creates a sense of urgency
  5. A simple call to action
  6. The correct mix of message movement methods
  7. A predefined set of follow-up actions
  8. Benchmarks by which to measure success
  9. A budget allotment proportionate to your expected return on investment
  10. Commitment

Do your marketing campaigns measure up?